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Dazzling German Clothes

Numerous native dress societies and clubs called “Volkstrachtenvereine” promote the preservation and revival of traditional German dress. Referred to as “tracht” (or plural “trachten”), today it denotes any form of rustic or traditional clothing of supposed Germanic origin, although most typically it refers to lederhosen and dirndls.

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"Deutsche Wurstsorten"
- Types of German Sausages

Just as different parts of Germany have different accents and beers, many regions have their own sausage. There are an estimated 1,500 varieties, each with their own preparation, ingredients and unique blends of spices. However, there are a few commonalities you should know about German wurst.

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A Variety of German Bread

Germany bakes almost 300 varieties of bread (not counting regional variations) and over 1,200 kinds of cakes, pastries and other baked goods, making the country a foodie’s paradise and a carb-watcher’s nightmare-especially since the breads are too delicious to resist. We bring to you the most popular and tasty traditional breads from across Germany.